ICE-T & COCO “Unleash the Love” at canine fashion show for charity on Sunday, 9/23. Details below… Elisa Jimenez “Project Runway;” Coco “Ice Loves Coco;” bulldogs Spartacus and Maximus; superstar Ice-T, “Law and Order: SVU;” and Karen Biehl “Doggie Moms” with Eli the Chihuahua. Photos courtesy of Zap-Photography CREDIT: Sent-Well “Unleash the Love” fashion show,

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Vicky & Jen // I Woof You

Boy, oh boy, do we love our pets or what?  Now we can showcase them on personalized stationary from Sent-Well!  Your pet’s adorable mug or paw print can be turned into a custom design and printed on a beautiful set of stationary.  Check out the cards Vicky bought for her Mother-in-Law’s birthday! READ THE FULL

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