15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Beloved

Don’t be the schmuck who forgets the Valentine’s Day card. Check out my @ParadeMagazine round-up of 15 #Vday cards. tinyurl.com/kgj4dnn

Yu might wow your Valentine with an amazing gift this year, but after they rip open the packaging, they’re still going to be looking around for the card.  Sure, roses, jewelry, and chocolate all make great Valentine’s Day gifts, but the most important part of Valentine’s Day is hearing how your boo feels about you.  And for people who are crippled by the thought of expressing feelings other than anger and malaise out loud, a card is the perfect venue for this.  You get to express how you feel without having to say it out loud, and your Valentine will wrap their arms around you after they read it and everything will be fantastic.