You're a Keeper not a Creeper

Cocktail parties, getting to know the neighbors, and zombie attacks

As my favorite show kicks off season 6 last night with the premiere episode: First Time Again, The Walking Dead knocks it out of the park with another jaw dropping season opener. As a greeting card retailer and designer, it might shock you to learn my guilty pleasure is zombie movies. I love all things that go bump in the night (or day) because it reminds me of how great things are, even when they might not feel so great at the time! A little darkness to remind me of the light. I love things that take me away from reality for a moment, and  both zombie flicks and greeting cards do just that. Greeting cards are a way to get creative with a situation, like a humorous card for someone who is ill, to help cheer them up. When times are tough, sending a card for no reason to a friend, other than to take them to a lighter place for a moment or two – to let them know you share their struggle. The Walking Dead is a great show about people who come together and share in a struggle. (Ok, their struggle might be to survive and not get eaten perhaps, but still, it is a story of people who come together, united by a cause) To me, it’s not about the zombies, but about the people and the journey they go on – the peaks and valleys, the fundamental changes in who they are as they navigate a sea of “walkers”, or try to fit into a new community like Alexandria. I just love the juxtaposition of last season, where Rick, Daryl, Carol and crew were invite to a  cocktail party to meet the neighborhood folks, while there were zombies at the gates. I find the show a way for me to step outside of my daily life, and watch the product of someone else’s creativity. It gets my mind moving in a different direction, and helps me get in touch with my creative side, all while being scared out of my mind. I just love it. So hats off to AMC and the creators of The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont, the comic book creators Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard! And, in honor of another great season of #TWD, here are my favorite cards for zombie enthusiasts like me.