Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbors

Here are some ideas that tell your new neighbors you’re a creative thinker who likes to have fun, or just a kind and thoughtful person.

1. Baked goods. Who doesn’t like fresh baked cookies, cake or cupcakes? “Baked goods are old school and very welcome,” April says. Due to the prevalence of allergies, follow typical public school guidelines and use boxed cake mix that is not manufactured in a facility with other nuts. If you bake cookies or brownies, skip the nuts or peanut butter. Keep them simple, like old fashioned chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies (skip the raisins), or basic chocolate brownies. If you bake from scratch and have a favorite family recipe, you can include the recipe and perhaps enough ingredients for your neighbor to bake their own dozen, too.

2. A personalized welcome mat or street numbers. You may not know your new neighbors’ decor preferences, but you know what their home looks like on the outside. This makes it easy to choose the perfect welcome mat or street number sign. Lauren Colson, of LMC Interior Designs of Farmington, Mich., says she often gives clients who have just moved a monogrammed doormat or unique street address numbers. “These gifts are personal and give the newcomer a connection to their new house.”