I conjured up this image of a magical birthday (using an AI image generator, based on some fun word strings I entered) and came up with this gorgeous cake and backdrop – it got me thinking: What makes a birthday “magical”? Maybe you have a ritual you do every birthday, for example lighting candles and making a wish – this is a kind of affirmation, a declaration made into the wind to be actualized throughout the year. Maybe it’s the company you share the special day of your birth with that makes your birthday magical. Maybe you reflect on the previous year, and think of what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Whatever you do, it’s a celebration of you being you, being part of this world and all the past moments that have built up to your present experience.

Sending cards and gifts are a great way to celebrate others – it has nothing to do with the gift itself, but the act of thinking of someone else and taking time to recognize them and make them feel special and valued. Each card I write I know is going to bring someone joy when they receive it and it makes me smile. At Sent-Well, we love knowing that the recipient of each card we send will be surprised and delighted by the nice gesture being sent their way.