Blue Jade Dwarf Corn


A delicious expression of this ancient relationship between humans and corn. Free from the trappings of modern agriculture.  Blue Jade certainly shows us the diversity of open-pollinated seeds!  We were smitten when these darling dwarf plants were growing in our trials and enamored when the peeled back the husk-revealed steel-blue kernels–but the flavor is really what won us over.  This corn is hands down one of the best open-pollinated sweet corns we have tasted!  The kernels turn from white to steel blue when at the peak eating state, and turn a bit greener when cooked.  Plants are small and have multiple stalks producing 2-3 ears per plant.  Due to the small plant size, the ears are about half the size of an ear of standard sweet corn.  A great variety of small spaces and container gardens.

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