Midnight Garden Mix


Direct sow this mix of annuals in the spring. Just as night owls thrive in the solitude of a midnight silence, evening pollinators do their best work under the light of the moon, and some plants have evolved to attract them. These flowers often seem subtle in the daylight, but show their attractive strength when the rest of the world sleeps. Flowers that shirk from the daylight reveals open petals at the first sign of dusk, often emitting the sweetest fragrances imaginable. White-colored blossoms that appear blinding under the bright sun, transform into delicate shimmery landing pads under the lunar light, when other colors disappear from the landscape. We formulated this mix to be pale, fragrant, yet substantial. It includes Candytuft, White Four O’Clocks, White Cosmos, Sweet Mignonette, Bishop’s Flower, Evening Scented Stock, Sensation Mixed Nicotiana.

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