Top 10 Cards

TOP 10 CARD LIST: The top ten cards you should have in your arsenal right now.

Let’s face it – birthdays and anniversaries have a way of creeping up on us, and they just keep coming. But in addition to these two special occasions, there are other reasons to always have that perfect card on hand. Sending cards isn’t just a novelty, it let’s people know that you are thinking about them, and took the time to find something you thought they would appreciate. People love receiving greeting cards – it makes them feel special. Haven’t you saved a card from your favorite loved one, to read over and over in the future? I have a box of cards I’ve collected over the years, and they make me smile when I read them. I can hear the sender speaking from the heart when I read thru them. As a small business owner, a handwritten note or corporate birthday card can  be an invaluable tool. It allows you to show your customers how important they are to you, while letting them know what’s new in your world.

So, I’ve complied a list of the top ten cards you should have tucked away in your desk drawer. Better yet: save time, save energy and click here to let us send them for you –  simply tell us what to write in the card (choose a gift to tuck in if you like), give us the occasion date and off it goes! We’ll handwrite and mail it for you, so you can cut down your carbon footprint a little bit.

  • BIRTHDAY CARDS – August & September have the most birthdays out of all months – so having some extra birthday cards around this time is a good idea.
  • MILESTONE BIRTHDAY CARDS – the big 4 OH is the perfect time to send one of these. We even have some fun confetti you can tuck in the card to really add some “wow” factor!
  • ANNIVERSARY CARDS –  guys, we know you are a bit memory-challenged when it comes to anniversaries…best to have the right card ready to go. (Here’s a fool-proof way to ensure you always remember – try our Occasion Reminders!)
  • THANK YOU CARDS – it is ALWAYS appropriate to send a thank you card. Emails and texts have their place, but are truly not acceptable for certain things, like saying thank you.
  • so let me say it again – THANK YOU CARDS & STATIONERY
  • GET WELL & SYMPATHY CARDS – Life happens. Sometimes, by the time you remember to get out to the store and buy a card, a stamp, go to the post office… the recipent is already on the mend. Having a get well card in your arsenal is always a good idea. Need ideas for what to say to a person who has lost a loved one, or someone very ill? Here’s some tips: don’t say “just let me know what I can do for you” or “call if you need anything” – they won’t. (even though you mean well, reaching out is very hard to do when you are overwhelmed) Instead, let them know they are in your thoughts, and follow up with a phone call down the road. You can also remind them of a fun time or memory.
  • CONGRATS CARDS – especially during this time of year, there are always graduations galore! Retirements, promotions, buying a new home, even a dog passing obedience school – all life’s milestones are a great reason to reconnect with a friend.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT CARDS – there are peaks and valleys in the roller coaster ride called life. Sometimes people need to know they are not alone and you are cheering for them.
  • HOLIDAY CARDS – seems obvious right? But make sure you have one for someone of a different faith than your own. And, make sure to check the calendar and get the dates right. Nothing says Happy Hanukkah to a friend you care about more than a Hanukkah card. A photo Christmas card of your kids is really not thoughtful, it’s being on holiday auto pilot. (This year Hanukkah is Dec 6th – 14th) Slow down – your kids are surely cute, but it’s important to recognize that your friends high holidays might not be the same as yours.