handwritten thank you notes

Thankful Thursday

There are so many reasons to be thankful and cards are a great form of expression of that gratitude! Texts and emails are just not appropriate when it comes to saying “thanks” be it in the business world, or in your personal life. If someone takes the time to do something for you, the best way you can recognize that extra effort is a hand written thank you note. In my previous career life in the fashion industry I had gone on as well as conducted many interviews. Sending a hand written thank you note just shows you are willing to go that extra mile. In the business world that translates to attention to detail, passion for what you do, and an interest in your clients’ satisfaction.

I love an excuse to connect with people and cards just feel a little more intimate and personal than social media posts about what’s new in my life. Thank you cards are the perfect medium for that. There are many fun ways to say “thanks” – you don’t always have to go the traditional thank you card route – you can pick a theme that resonates with you and the recipient, reminds you of a special time, place or event. Here are some of my favorites!