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The Power of “Thank You”

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me about a powerful post she heard on TED Talks, by Laura Trice, called Remember to say Thank You. It got me thinking about what a powerful tool showing gratitude can be especially to a small business owner. Saying thank you is my thing. I enjoy connecting with someone in a heartfelt way – it’s part of why I do what I do. The greeting card business is ALL ABOUT the warm and fuzzies! But Thank You notes can be especially impactful in business.

Whatever business you are in, I’m sure, like me, you give it your all. There are days that are just a whirlwind of activity. Regardless, your customers don’t see the behind the scenes of your business. All they know is how your product or service affects them. Sending a handwritten thank you note allows you the opportunity to give your customer a quick snapshot of what you are all about, but gives them a reminder as to why they do business with you. You can not only thank them for their recent support, but let them know what’s new, and offer them an incentive to come back.

On the personal side of things, we are all moving way to fast. And in this digital age, sometimes good old fashioned things just feel special. For me, sending greeting cards and snail mail has never waned. For others, due to life’s demands, it might have. So receiving a handwritten note just feels more special than a facebook post or text. It prompts a reply – a reason to reconnect.

So, again, that’s why I created Sent-Well. I’m hoping to help you stay connect both professionally and personally, in a creative, easier way. All while doing something I love. Give it a shot! Send a card to a friend or client today! Use code DANKE25 and save 25% on your next card! Good now thru August 30th.

PS – reminder: AUGUST and SEPTEMBER have the most birthdays (more people are born during these months historically) so now’s a good time to use the OCCASION REMINDER calendar – we’ll send you reminders free of charge, as the dates approach!