Why Handwritten Cards Matter

Imagine getting a real card in place of every Facebook post you receive on your birthday. Imagine tearing open a hundred envelopes, admiring the beautiful designs, and reading a personalized note inside from a person that you love.

Imagine a birthday wish that you can hang on your fridge, a gift composed of genuine thought and effort.

A real card, with a handwritten note, is a personal and heartfelt gift for a person that you love.

Cards can be sent for a variety of occasions, from weddings to retirements. Whether you are sending a card to congratulate someone on an anniversary or to send your sympathies in the wake of a tragedy, a real card acknowledges that you care for another person.Why Handwritten Cards Matter

A handwritten note, inside of a card, is the true expression of a person’s heart and the words written inside of the card reflect that.

When a person receives a card, it’s proof to that person that someone took the time to acknowledge their accomplishment, celebration, troubles, or otherwise. A loved one thought about them and turned that thought into an action.

With technology being at the core of so much of what we do, getting a card with a handwritten note is a priceless gift. Text messages and e-mails are eventually deleted, and although it can be tempting to type a message and hit “send,” that message is fleeting. A handwritten card is a tangible memory; a handheld proof of an expression of thoughtfulness and affection. A person can keep a handwritten card for as long as they’d like, they can read the words over again a decade from now.

Along with that, many people expect text messages, Facebook posts, or Instagram acknowledgements. Very few people, if any, expect to receive a real card. A handwritten card doesn’t get lost among a series of Facebook comments or within a group message, it is often one of a kind and comes with an element of surprise when that person opens their mailbox.

Here at Sent-Well we believe in the power of a greeting card, specifically when it has a personalized note inside. We pride ourselves on sending cards on your behalf and we’ll handwrite a note inside of it for you. Do you have an occasion coming up? Shop Sent-Well’s cards today.