About Our Handwritten Greeting Card Service

Real Cards, Signed Sealed & Delivered for You!

Our Story

It’s all about staying connected. We understand the importance of thoughtfulness, and believe that a truly handwritten note communicates in a way no text or email can. Sent-Well was designed for people with a busy lifestyle that still want to stay in touch the good old-fashioned way. There are no handwriting-like fonts, no robots. Just real people, really writing your cards and mailing them for you!

We truly handwrite your personal message in the cards, and mail them for you. Our idea is you can send cards from anywhere life takes you. Just choose your cards online, and we’ll do the rest for you! Life is demanding, sending cards should be simple.

All of our cards were curated for their fabulous design and their high quality. They represent what we feel are the finest paper goods in the marketplace. They are unique, made in the USA, and by small businesses that we believe in and want to celebrate.

Our Services

REAL CARDS, SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED! Life is demanding, sending cards should be simple. We handwrite your personal message in the card, stamp and mail it for you. To make the delivery even more special, choose a gift item to tuck inside your card – you can even add confetti!

NEVER MISS A SPECIAL OCCASION AGAIN!  You can schedule the delivery date so your cards will arrive on time for the occasion. Have several cards to send? Schedule as many cards as you like to be mailed out for each birthday or anniversary. And, when you purchase 5 cards or more, you save 10% automatically!

DISCOUNTS FOR BUSINESSES – Are you a business with many cards to send? Are you looking to stay in touch with clients, send thank you notes after appointments, or congratulate employees for their work anniversary? We can help. We offer corporate, branded cards at different price tiers depending on the scope and needs of your project. We will handwrite and mail thoughtful cards for you,  to allow you to continue doing what you do best!