what prompted her to re-enroll was a ‘handwritten note from Andrea’ that came thru the regular mail, expressing how sorry Andrea was that she had to withdraw.

I know it probably seems like you are just doing a “job” but you really are impacting people’s lives for the better. Thank you for all that you do!

Natalie M

Before I started working with Nicole at, my card sending process was a mess. I wasn’t organized and I was often forgetful. My handwriting is on level with a kindergartner. I started using several years ago and Nicole has been amazing. The easiest way to gauge her abilities is to count how many people that you’ve sent cards to, contact you afterwards to say “Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL card! People aren’t going to call you or stop and say thanks at the grocery store if you had just pressed the “Like” button on Facebook. A professional card from Nicole makes an impression. I highly recommend.

Rich P, Ohio

I never used to send cards for special occasions. It was always a hassle taking the time to go to the store, then searching through millions of cards to find something that is kind of almost like what I would want to send, and then having to rush to the post office to mail it in time. Thanks to now I never have to worry about missing a birthday or anniversary! Not only are all the cards unique and hilarious, but they are actually colorful sayings or sentiments that I would express in real life to my friends and family. I love that all the cards are owned by local small businesses and are either eco-savvy or made from innovative materials and methods. Never again will I miss an anniversary or celebration, now that I have found! And because all the cards are hand written, nobody will ever know I don’t waste countless hours searching for perfection! Thank you!

Andee, in South Carolina

I set out to look for a company that would hand write a card in Japanese. Sent-Well was the only company that would. Everyone else uses a machine to write theirs and they could not accommodate my needs. Sent-Well provided me with top notch customer service and went above and beyond to complete my order to my specifications! Price was super affordable and they have a great card selection. I found the PERFECT card! I will definitely be using them again.

Ashley, NM

Before using Sentwell, we wasted hours in frustration researching and tryed out over 50 different types of handwriting thank you card delivery services from iPhone apps, mailing services, websites, and other similar handwriting services without the results we were looking for.  Most services had bits of pieces of what we were looking for, but none delivered the 100% completely customizable handwritten thank you card solution that Nicole and her team offers.  Given the cost of the other services available with limited customization, you are getting higher value and more customization with Sentwell.  Would highly recommend this service if you are looking for a solid handwritten thank you card service.

Andrew, CA

We have struggled in the past with finding the most efficient, yet personal way to reach out to our clients for special occasions, such as birthdays. Sent-Well has provided a seamless, excellent service in providing handcrafted, beautiful hand-written card to our clients. They always reach out when it’s time to update the card, provide great suggestions based on their experience, and have worked to customize them with our company logo and include gift cards for us as well. They have many different handwriting styles to choose from, and are always very responsive and friendly. I recommend them all the time to others in our field, and will continue to do so! Nicole is a phenomenal person who really makes your business a priority, and we truly appreciate her services!

Karlie, Iowa

Call me “old school” but I still like sending cards via regular mail. I know that when I personally receive a card in the mail, it brings a smile to my face and makes me feel special that I am in someone’s thoughts and they have gone through the trouble of picking out a card and mailing it, as opposed to a quick text message.

Tammy P, New Jersey

I love that I can order my cards online and that Sent-Well will mail them for me. It doesn’t get any easier than that! I recommend Sent-Well to everyone and will continue to recommend Sent-Well. Turn-around time is typically within a day or two!

This is great!! Thank you so much!! I was hoping to find a service like this as I am horrible at making “the card” happen. I believe I will indeed be a loyal customer and I look forward to using the service several times a year. Thanks also for the attentiveness during this first order. I TRULY wish you all the best in growing this business.

Chris S, New York

Our Firm has grown significantly in the past 3-5 years with staff and attorneys. In an effort to cultivate our culture of “family” atmosphere, we really wanted to celebrate everyone on their birthdays, but because we’re so large – we knew we needed help. I tossed around ideas about ways we could honor birthdays, and was handed a suggestion of sending virtual emails to everyone, but I wasn’t too fond of that idea only because our employees receive enough emails as it is, and it’s not as “personal” if we were to send a “birthday” email.

I stumbled upon Sent-Well, and was surprised that this company personally handwrites birthday cards! I was hesitant at first, only because I felt like it was too good to be true. I emailed them and after the first email I knew it was the start of a great vendor relationship. The staff is friendly, and super responsive. I asked if they could handle all of our 28 office locations, with over 700+ employees, and I don’t think they hesitated at all to say “Yes”! Sent-Well does a wonderful job of keeping me in the loop regarding personalization and card designs. We’re going on 2 years with Sent-Well, and I am so thankful and grateful for their hard-work, and helping our Firm celebrate birthdays! Our employees stop me in the hall, or send me emails to say how much they appreciate receiving mail on their birthday, and that they keep their cards to hang up in their offices! As long as our employees are happy, I’m happy and that credit goes to the amazing team at Sent-Well!

Nicole L. Brown, MS

Nicole and her team are just plain A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!

They do not just deliver your request but always go above and beyond that. In our busy days (cramming to be exact) we tend to miss minute details but she and her team catches that and corrects them from the get-go!

Always would be a pleasure working with the Sent-Well team!!!

Marriane, NYC