Halloween Fun

With only a few weeks left until Halloween, we have been waiting for this creative and spooky time of year to share some great ideas for making your Halloween Season even more exciting with some great parties and unique ideas that we have enjoyed at Sent-Well.

These are just a few tips for having a great Halloween this year!

  • . Try having some old-fashioned Halloween Spooks and Laughs.
  • . Turn your home into a haunted house.  Now that sounds like a lot of entertainment.  The scarier, the better.
  • . Have a pumpkin carving or painting contest.  Let friends, families, and even neighbors participate.  This can be a relaxing way to start the night.
  • , Make creepy crafts; you can also involve others. Have prizes.
  • . Prep a fall tablescape with lots of goodies.
  • . Plan a Halloween-themed pumping night.
  • . Host a Halloween-based game night.°
  • . Have a ghoul-timed scavenger hunt.

And let’s not talk about those party invitations.  Everyone loves a custom-based party invitation; so what a perfect opportunity to give someone that invitation now.  Your friends and family will appreciate these so much.  Here at Sent-Well, we can help you with that.  We have numerous Halloween cards and we are ready to personalize any card for you with any message that you want for your recipient.  Now, we know that some of you want to do your own DIY invitations and that is fine too.  Some people prefer using just emails and text.  Some also use other software programs such as Adobe that have a template to create an invitation if you decide to go that route.

Please be safe this Halloween 2023 Season!