Personalized Holiday Cards for Business Clients: Signed, Sealed, DELIVERED!

Surprise and delight your clients and associates this holiday season with a truly handwritten holiday card. Holiday cards are such a nice touch – and when they are truly handwritten, it shows how much you value the relationship you have fostered. From corporate clients to internal teams and associates – let us send a handwritten, personal message to help your holiday card stand out fom the crowd. Show your gratitude and take the opportunity to share why you value partnership in business.

Holiday cards are an age old tradition! Christmas cards have been sent since the early 1600’s, however the first commercial holiday cards were created in 1843, by Thomas Cole. Cole was a prominent person in Victorian England, and with the invention of the penny post, sending holiday letters became accessible to the average person.  Unanswered letters began to pile up and had become time consuing to answer. Not answering these letters was considered very rude (it was the equivalent to ignoring emails and texts!). The solution to the problem? Cole enlisted a friend and artist, J.C. Horsley to create an image for his idea, of a family celebrating a holiday meal. The message was a “fill in the blank” style, so it could be personalized and had a generic holiday message he could share with all. The postal service used to deliver these cards on Christmas Day.

Hoping to send something memorable this holiday season? Do you need help with a special card design – we can help! Need some ideas on what to say? We’ve got you covered. Let us take craft your sentiment into a thoughful, thankful message and mail them to everyone on your list this year.