Holiday Blend Tea Set


Holiday Tea Blend Set
This blend of tea and herbs was created to capture the tastes and treats of the winter holiday season. It is a magnificent blend of black teas, rooibos, and peppermint that has been delicately scented with vanilla and vanilla pieces. This Holiday Blend tea will enliven all of your holiday festivities. Certified Kosher. 4oz tins. [Ingredients: Black teas, rooibos, peppermint leaves, organic alfalfa leaves, flavoring, Malva blossoms, erica flowers, and vanilla beans.

Simpson & Vail Inc, one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA, is a family-owned business dedicated to quality teas from all around the world.  With over 350 teas )black, green, oolong, decaf, flavored, flowering, white and blends)as well as over 100 herbs and herbal blends. All blends are handcrafted in a facility in Brookfield, CT in small batches to ensure freshness.




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