Southwestern design thank you card

send cute cards, be lazy with sent-well

Thanks for the feature The Snug!

“Not to brag or anything, but my stationery game is on point. That is, I have a mountain of adorable greeting and postcards that are always well received when I get around to actually writing and sending them. That hasn’t happened so much lately, though, so I get the incentive to outsource this gig if you don’t have a stockpile of stationary that somebody’s gotta eventually use. If that appeals to you, as well, it’s worth checking out The service was designed for people with busy lifestyles that love getting and receiving snail mail. Besides, who wants to Instagram an e-card? (OK, maybe Snapchat it if it has some cool animation but I digress….) When you decide that a card needs sending, you shop the card on the website and outline the message you want written inside…”