Light Fox Studios // Mutts Mania

Mutts Mania is a huge event with tons of vendors, contests, fashion shows, and animal rescue groups galore. This year Ice-T, Coco, Elisa Jimenez and Karen Biehl were celebrity judges for the fashion show sponsored by and Bubba Rose Biscuit Co (and other sponsors). Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter hosts the event, and it brings

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ICE-T & COCO “Unleash the Love” at canine fashion show for charity on Sunday, 9/23. Details below… Elisa Jimenez “Project Runway;” Coco “Ice Loves Coco;” bulldogs Spartacus and Maximus; superstar Ice-T, “Law and Order: SVU;” and Karen Biehl “Doggie Moms” with Eli the Chihuahua. Photos courtesy of Zap-Photography CREDIT: Sent-Well “Unleash the Love” fashion show,

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